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May 8, 2012 Symposium: Giving Young Children the Right Start: Effective Practices for Experiential Learning

In partnership with The Gesell Institute of Child Development and the Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

Ustream of morning session

Marcy Guddemi: Math Development in Young Children Ages 3 to Grade 3
Marcy Guddemi: Teaching to the Child, Not to the Test
Deb Leong: The Power of Play-Based Education
Dorothy Strickland: Playful and Experiential Learning
Shakera Walker: What Effective Teachers of Young Children Need to Know


Congressional Briefing: Rethinking Pre-K and Kindergarten Education

May 28, 2009, Capitol Visitors’ Center, HVC-215, 2pm - 4pm


Spring 2009 Conferences on Play and Playwork.

The Alliance hosted London playworker Penny Wilson in a series of conferences across the country.  

  • A conference on inclusive play at the Hattie Larlham Center in Mantua, Ohio, 45 minutes from Akron and Cleveland. April 27-28, 2009.  See flier for details.
  •  A one-day workshop on inclusive play in Franklin Park, Illinois (near Chicago’s O’Hare airport) on April 24, 2009. See flier for details.
  •  A workshop on outdoor play at Hidden Villa, a nature center in the foothills south of San Francisco, on Friday evening and Saturday, May 1-2, 2009. See flier for details. 

A meeting was held in New York City in May 2006 with about 20 individuals deeply interested in playwork. See the New York report.


In May 2006 two training sessions were held at the Park District of Franklin Park, Illinois, near Chicago. See the Chicago report.


A Call to Action on the Education of Young Children 

We are deeply concerned that current trends in early education, fueled by political pressure, are leading to an emphasis on unproven methods of academic instruction and unreliable standardized testing that can undermine learning and damage young children’s healthy development. See also, Comments from Signers on Call to Action and Call to Action Background and References  


Press Release: School Failure and Lack of Play

October 12, 2006

Too little time for unstructured play leads to increased stress for children and parents and may be linked to later school failure. 


Press Release: Experts Say: Put Stress on Play, Not on Children

Dec. 6, 2005

A call to end the growing stress and pressure in preschool and kindergarten which are having an ill effect on children.


Children from Birth to Five: Academics Versus Play 

A statement prepared for members of Congress and signed by leading educators and health professionals. 


Cleaning up a Toxic Childhood

Joan Almon takes a look at the world our children live in and what we can do to support healthy childhood.