Commercialization Resource List


Killjoy Toys: Beware of Playthings That Snuff Out Play,

Nov. 20, 2003

The Alliance for Childhood, in collaboration with TRUCE, issues a warning to parents about unhealthy products sold as toys that inhibit rather than promote imaginative, creative play 


Research on Materialism and Well-Being
Tim Kasser, Ph.D., Knox College

Modern advertising attempts to convince people that the pursuit of wealth, possessions, and image will make them happy. As such, it has the goal of increasing the value people place on materialistic aims.


Marketing and Advertising: Harmful to Children's Health
The Lancet reports on the profound negative effects of child-oriented commercialism on children's health. Sept. 28, 2002


Selling to - and Selling out - Children
An editorial from The Lancet further details the disastrous effects of advertising that preys on children. Sept. 28, 2002